Thursday, July 2, 2009

A New Old Post

Thanks so much for still checking in during my long absence. I had a request from a beloved soul-heart-mama to re-post an account of one of JB's hospital stays. I am so new to all the technology and didn't know how to re-post a post so I'll just link to it here.
I am grateful if my honesty is helpful to anyone struggling through the valley of an ill child. God has never failed to flood me with his presence during some dark days and nights by JB's bedside. The paradox of this is that it is not always a feeling. Sometimes it's just an awareness that His promises are true and unfailing. Sometimes it's me clinging to the hope that this too shall pass. And then being simultaneously afraid that it passing may mean something worse is coming.
What I have learned through the trials of my life so far is that faith is making a mental and physical decision to believe...regardless of the shifting tides of my feelings. It's not active faith to me if it's resignation. Surrender is active and it's beyond powerful. Resignation is hopeless.
Please, please, whatever situation you find yourself in today...hold hope's unfailing hand. Don't be afraid to believe.