Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Rising

So many broken hearts.
The literal kind like JB's and all heart heroes.
The figurative kind like all of ours at one point or another.

Death, divorce, illness, grief, depression, heart break after another.

A family in California mourning their 8 year old daughter, allegedly killed by a Sunday School teacher. Heart shattering. Beyond comprehension.

Children and adults praying for new hearts, knowing their answered prayer means devastating loss to another family.
Parents preparing Easter baskets for children they pray will live to see Mother's Day.
Parents that walked the aisles of Target this year looking at all the Easter baskets they can't deliver to their child in Heaven.

Click on any of the blog links on the right and you'll read plenty of stories of heartache.
You'll read about pain, broken hearts, You'll also read about hope.
Hope that doesn't fail.
Hope that is so firmly rooted in Easter that it cannot be destroyed by Good Friday.
Hope that conquers illness, sorrow, grief...broken hearts.
Hope that conquers evil.
Hope that conquered death.
Still does.

Today we celebrate Easter. It's not about a bunny.

It's about Jesus rising from the tomb.
Literally. Completely.
This is what separates Jesus from every other supposed prophet.
He's not in the tomb.
All the others still are.

He was who he said he was. He did what he said he'd do.
He will do what he said he'll do.
He will mend our broken hearts, if we give him the pieces.
Through his rising, we rise.

Happy Easter.


Stephanie said...


Michal Ann said...

I loved your comment to Stellan's mommy Jennifer, that her shirt "held the beating heart of a prayer warrior momma determined to understand, advocate, and pray, pray, pray for him." Your blog is great. I wish I had one but you can email a reply if you wish. Every time I want to make a comment, I have to sign up with google/blogger AGAIN. I may have my filters set wrong.

BTW, I have always wondered who makes up the crazy questions on the blog profiles. Yours is "What would you name your ballet inspired by the sight of children leaping through a garden sprinkler?" Joie de Vivre

Great answer, funny question!

You've inspired me to ask for prayer for my young friend LYDIA. She's a ballerina who needs a position for this year. With things as tight as they are in the ecomony, it's difficult. She's like the runner in Chariots of Fire: BORN to dance. She's with Oregon Ballet Theatre right now and hoping to return home to Pacific Northwest Ballet here in Seattle.

Have you ever read "A Grief Observed" by C.S. Lewis? "Shadowlands" was based his journal written after the death of his wife Joy ("H.").

I can identify with so much of what you've written. I've written about the swearing response to crisis and I have held my second son in December '07 when he was beaten within inches of life. Yes, I could identify in a small way with Mary cradling her broken son.

I'd better wind this down and look for something ORANGE to wear today!

Love in Christ, Michal Ann <><
Lake Forest Park, WA

KR said...

I'm going to email you right now Michal...thanks for such encouragement...I'll add Lydia to my prayers too.