Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Heroes Today

In the midst of the the fast-breaking swine flu and all the precautions needed for a special needs child, I was grateful to be reminded of the good news this morning.

The good news is that JB was born in America. Mr. R and I are employed. We have a roof over our heads. We have great health insurance. We have a wonderful Pediatrician. We have clean water. We have air-conditioning. God forbid the swine flu becomes pandemic, we have the possibility of anti-virals. We have access to hospitals. In fact, three to choose from. Don't get me wrong, I am praying against it, rearranging life to avoid it, reading my tweets, texts and tickers to be informed about it. It's a serious issue, no doubt about it.

But worldwide 26,000 children will die today. Otherwise healthy children that have no access to clean water, common medications, mosquito nets, life-saving vaccines. Children living in extreme poverty plain and simple. This same number will die tomorrow and Friday too.

Pete Wilson at is in India serving and blogging for Compassion International. He's not feeling well but is persevering on the journey. Please give yourself the gift of reading his accounts and pray for his wellness.
Melissa Fitzpatrick is on the trip as well, reading her post God's Shameless Love for the Poor literally brought me to my knees. One of the best blog posts I've ever read.
Angie Smith is another team member and her bravery in believing God through trials...because of as faith inspiring as it gets for me. She is one of the most authentic voices of Christianity today and her unbridled love for God is nothing short of amazing.

There are many other team members, I haven't read all the postings yet, but I am sure their accounts of the journey are just as inspiring. You can view them all by going to the Compassion Blog.

I love these people. It may help that I don't know them personally. But through their going forth...their writing...their willingness to see the truth and get busy doing something about it...I'm changed.

I will take precautions against the swine flu for JB, I will fight today and the rest of my life to protect his life...his well being. I do not control it--his life is entirely in God's hands. But I have to do my part with the knowledge, inspiration and circumstances God ordains.

Today, via the above heroes, my eyes are opened, the challenge I willing to extend my part beyond my own all those I come in contact with....and to those who I may never have contact with?

Today my answer is yes, I will do more to love those in my midst. I will sponsor more children, advocate for children, and with the grace of God, open my eyes to see all of us as God's children.

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