Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Friday Prayers for Shepherd

***Update 4/15/09 Shepherd's breathing difficulties are requiring a tracheostomy. Surgery is today. Please visit their blog for the updates and to offer encouragement.

Please join me in offering prayers for baby Shepherd.
He had surgery on April 1st to repair coarctation of his aorta (same CHD as JB.) Shepherd is a newborn and he's been having some difficulty breathing on his own. They have tried to remove the ventilator on a couple of occasions and each time it's been necessary to re-intubate him. It's a very painful surgery and the level of pain medications required can suppress respiratory function. It's a fine balance...and one that's not easily acheived.
I connected with this family via their blog and encourage you to visit their site and leave a prayer or encouraging comment for them to read.
As many of you know, and thankfully some of you don't, Intensive Care Units can be very lonely and disorienting. The heartiest of prayer warriors can become discouraged with "normal" life going on around a critically ill child. Stephanie (Shepherd's Mom) has posted several specific prayer requests for tomorrow and if you're inclined, please click here to go to the page and join us in asking God for His mighty healing and comforting grace for this family. Thanks so much.


SteveC said...

Just a quick note to say hi and hope all is well! My best to you, JB, and Mr. R!


Victoria said...

Praying with you.